Техподдержка Adobe и перевод поста

Увидел я тут пост про рус. техподдержку ADOBE (http://pikabu.ru/story/shikarnaya_sluzhba_podderzhki_adobe_4...), и в комментах попросили перевести для пересылания в англоязычные ресурсы. Я хоть и живу в Канаде 2 года, мой инглиш так себе. Но я старался.

A user on Russian entertaining website called pikabu.ru has recently posted a complain about Russian tech support of Adobe. Here's a translation.

So, the user decided to install a licensed version of Photoshop+Lightroom (I think it's called a photoghaper's bundle), because that was the cheepest one. In Russia it only costs about 4.7 USD, but when that user confirmed everything, he had to pay 10 USD, and his region was automatically changed to USA instead of Russia (WUT). The user was not asked about his region before, and assumed his region was automatically set as Russian (he accesed the Russian website, sooooo...). The "change your region" button said "contact the tech support to change your region", and that's where the fun part starts.

First of all, the tech support only works as a web chat. No phone calls, no emails, nothing. It only works from 10am to 6pm. The user started a chat at around 12am, but there are only 2 operators (WUT x2), named "Tatiana" and "Marina". After 40 minutes of waiting, "Tatiana" finally answered:

Tatiana: Thank you for your patience!

Tatiana: Right now there are some techinical problems on ADOBE website, and we cannot check your profile. Please start a new chat later. Sorry for temporary inconvenience!


Tatiana: Thank you for contacting us!

The user tried to contact the support the next day. That's what he got:

Chat started

Alexandr Zykov: Hello, my adobe id region was automatically set as USA, even though I was not asked about it, can I change it?

Operator (there is no screenshot, so I don't know the name): Thank you for your patience!, blah blah blah

Operator: Thank you for contacting the tech support!

Operator: You are now talking to xxxxxxxx

Operator: No, you cannot

Chat ended

The user tried to start a chat the 3rd (!) time, asking about if he can delete this adobe id and create a new one with the same email address, and had to wait another 40 minutes

Alexandr Zykov: Hello, can I change the region? I have no idea how my region is USA

Maria: no, you cannot change the region

Alexandr Zykov: Then why does the button say "contact the support to change our region"

Alexandr Zykov: ?

Maria:...so that the tech support checks your region and told you that you cannot change it

Alexandr Zykov: Okay, if I delete this account and create a new one with the same email address, find where to set a region, and put "Russia", would I be charged rubles instead of USD?

Maria: you cannot create a new one with the same email

Maria: new profile

Alexandr Zykov: If I delete that one, why can't I register a new one with the same email?

Maria: because

Maria: Alexandr, what are these questions?

Maria: we have rules, and you have been told them

Maria: if there were other ways to do that, wouldn't we tell you?

Alexandr Zykov: Well, if I delete the profile through the tech support, wouldn't it be logical that it gets deleted from your lists with the email address? So I can use that email for a new account? Isn't that how it works?

Maria: that's not how it works

Maria: what stops you from creating a new profile with your country set as a region?

Alexandr Zykov: I agree to stay with this ID, if you help me with this situation. The ID was registered in Russia, and there were no questions about my region, or else I would choose Russia. But the system decided that for me, and now I am being charged 2 times more for the same thing

Maria: you cannot change you region, you cannot stay with this profile, if you still want to buy it in rubles

Maria: if you don't have another email, just create the same one with a 0 at the end

Maria: and then register an account in Russia, check that you region is Russia

Maria: and buy a subscribtion

Alexandr Zykov: that's not my fault, and I can't do anything about it...

Alexandr Zykov: I want to stay with this email, not a new one, this address get all the bussiness emails

Maria: sorry, can't help you

Maria: if you were on the Russian website, it's impossible that your region was set to USA

Alexandr Zykov: I used an Ipad app

Alexandr Zykov:There was no choice for a region

Maria:there was

Maria: we said everything we could say for your problem

Alexandr: I couldn't not choose a region, if I was questioned about it, trust me

Maria: Can't say anything new

Alexandr: Okay, can I get an email address of your main office guys?

Maria: no

Maria: i can transfer you to american tech support, maybe they can do something about it

Maria: should i?

Alexandr: yes, please

The American tech support (untraslated):

Alexandr: can you change my Adobe ID region to Russia, please

Bharath S: I understand you want to change the country.

Alexandr: yes

Bharath S: I will be glad to check and assist you.

Bharath S: I checked and see that the account is registered with United States.

Bharath S: May I know which country you want to change?

Alexandr: I would like to change it to Russia

Bharath S: Please stay online while I change the country for you.

Alexandr: ok

Bharath S: Thank you for your patience.

Bharath S: I have successfully changed the country and also sent you a password reset and verification email to you.

Bharath S: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Alexandr: THANKS A LOT!!!!!

Просьба вывести в горячее, чтобы как можно больше людей распространили. Комменты для минусов внутри.

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