Райан в Сибири: учим английский язык - 10 (чтение)

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Я Райан, британский учитель. Я живу в Сибири.

Давайте продолжим тему спорта, прочитав об одном из самых запутанных видов спорта в Англии - "Крикете".Прочитайте текст, а затем ответьте на следующие вопросы.


✅ Level Pre-intermediate

Cricket is a sport which people play in the Summer. The players wear a white t-shirt, white trousers and sometimes a white jumper. The cricket clothes are called "whites". Cricket is a very long game and can last over 3 days.😲 But, there are also cricket matches which last only 2 to 3 hours.

The best teams in the world are India, Australia, England and South Africa. Cricket is a difficult sport because it has many rules. One team will bat first and try to score points.

There are two batsman at one time. The bowler throws the ball to the batsman. The batsman hits the ball to get points.

6️⃣ You get 6 points if you hit the ball outside of the pitch and it doesn't touch the ground.

4️⃣ You get 4 points if you hit the ball outside of the pitch but it touches the ground.

1️⃣ You get one point everytime you run and swap places with your partner batsman.

You can get a batsman "out" if you catch the ball in the air when he hits it. Or if you hit the wicket (three little wooden sticks) behind him with the ball. There are more rules to the game but basically the team with the most points win.

💬 Would you like to try cricket?

💬 Do you think the rules are confusing?

Answer the questions
True or False
1. Cricket is usually played in one season
2. There are no special cricket clothes

3. Matches always last over one day

4. The bowler throws the ball

5. English speaking countries are usually the best at the sport

6. There are three ways you can get points

7. The wicket is in front of the batsman

8. The batsman can get "out" if someone catches the ball after he hits it

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