Как отличить взрослого от ребенка? Что делает ребенка взрослым? (Эссе на английском)

People recognize a difference between children and adults. What events (experiences or ceremonies) make a person an adult? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

To distinguish between children and adults, people uses different approaches. They may look at appearance or the way of speaking. However, there are some events in the life of every person which turn them into an adult in the eyes of others. I will explore these events in the following essay.

First of all, adults are usually financially independent. It often means that they have a job or a business. That’s why we can count getting a job as one of features of an adult person. Children don’t have to get. A person earns money because there are some needs and desires which should be satisfied. Usually people try to earn money when they feel the need to buy some things or entertainments and their parents can’t help them with this problem. Some people just don’t want to take money from their parents because in this case they would consider themselves as children. Also, when a person has a job, said person has to create and maintain relationships and solve working tasks every day. In this case, parents obviously can’t help. When people can count only on themselves it means they are adults.

Secondly, in many cultures children moved out from their parents’ homes when they become adults. People leave their parents’ houses because they feel the need to express themselves and behave the way they want. I suppose that adults don’t have to live with their parents because it halts their development and they have a lack of experience solving overdue tasks such as cooking, washing and cleaning. Children usually do it when they are asked by their parents but in adult life we should do them without reminders reminding if we want to be respectful respected by other people.

Finally, some people consider married people to be adults. When a person gets married, responsibilities for another person are acquired. Moreover, the parents have to be taken care of if necessary. There are many tasks for married people and children can’t solve them because they have not enough education and financial resources. Of course, many parents help their children financially to some extent but they can’t help them to build relationships with people or educate grandchildren in a modern way. Married people are recognized as more mature and it’s often true.

In conclusion, a person can be tagged as an adult or a child based on his or her background.

Nowadays, children get taller and smarter much faster than in the past. It doesn’t mean that they become adults faster. An adult has different needs and responsibilities. So if he has a job, lives alone and is married we can suppose that he is not a child anymore.

Это просто моя попытка ответить на экзаменационный вопрос за отведенное время, используя тот набор лексики, который есть в голове (те слова, которые удалось вспомнить).

А как думаете вы? Если человек в браке, живет отдельно и ходит на работу, может ли он быть ребенком внутри?
Или есть какие-то другие отличительные признаки? (их много, конечно)

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