Влияние артикля the на наличие сарказма

Уважаемые специалисты по английскому языку, здравствуйте!

Нуждаемся в Вашем экспертном мнении.

Мы сейчас решаем задачу машинного обучения, а именно, поиска сарказма в английском тексте (на примере заголовков статей).

Оказалось, что при наличии в заголовке артикля the, в 6 раз чаще он не относится к саркастическому, чем при его отсутствии.

Мы никак не можем понять причину, с чем это связано?

Саркастические тексты - это разговорная речь, потому в них не используются артикли?

В саркастических текстах новостных изданий указывать на конкретные события / явления может быть чревато? Или, вероятнее, есть какие-то другие причины?

Примеры заголовков, в которых есть артикль the, и которые относятся к саркастическим

'i must make sure you have the skills to please my grandson,' says queen elizabeth disrobing before meghan markle"

'surinamese man struggling to write the great surinamese novel'

"studio admits entire israeli-palestinian conflict just marketing campaign for 'you don't mess with the zohan' that got out of hand"

"trump: 'it's my honor to deliver the first-ever state of the union'"

'nation excited to see whatever bile the internet spews up today'

"study: headaches are the body's way of communicating it wants pills"

'paul ryan quietly doing seated ab exercises throughout state of the union'

'ugly man with huge penis unsure how to get the word out'

'kite flyer in the zone'

'sephora makeup artist helping woman create the perfect pink eye'

Примеры заголовков, в которых есть артикль the, и которые НЕ относятся к саркастическим

how the u.k. government ignored offers to take in more lone children'

'behold, the most magical (and massive) picnic of all time'

"praise 'the jesus': a 'big lebowski' spinoff is reportedly in the works"

'meanwhile, in the real world'

'why bernie sanders and donald trump won the michigan primaries'

"apple fritter season is here, and so are the recipes you'll need"

'the smithereens lead singer pat dinizio dead at 62'

"'the bold type' creator on tackling sexual assault in the show's hopeful finale"

"reclaiming 'usa!, usa! usa!' from the bigots in murrieta"

"jessica simpson takes the plunge after crushing us with news she'll never do reality tv again

Примеры заголовков, в которых нет артикля the, и которые относятся к саркастическим:

"georgia school board bans 'theory of math'"

"world's last bob hope fan dies of old age" 'biden now a purple belt'

'hardened snacker keeps trying to rediscover that first mind-blowing nacho cheese high'

'painting of jesus totally knows area man is high'

"chuck schumer relieved he's never taken stance meaningful enough to have someone mail him explosive"

'trump privately terrified his sexual assault victims will someday come forward'

"new 'phone book' raising serious privacy issues"

"couple nervous to admit they met online in comments section of 'how to iron shirt' video"

'successful u.s. airstrike kills 30 iraqis who may as well have been terrorists'

Примеры заголовков, в которых нет артикля the, и которые НЕ относятся к саркастическим:

"most americans can't afford a minor emergency"

'obama says voting barriers are directly linked to jim crow and slavery'

'charleston church holds first service since shootings'

'why i will never carpe diem again'

"if you want to read this book, you'll have to buy an ipad"

"angelina jolie refutes vanity fair's portrayal of controversial auditions"

"international women's day"

"dad's tea party with 2-year-old basically sums up toddlers"

'michael moore uses reality shows to explain how bad america is at voting'

"police officers replace 11-year-old's stolen xbox with a brand-new one"


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