Cheats for War Thunder: secrets of the pros for my friends in English

Hi, this is an article about Cheats in War Thunder. About how the pros play. Lifehacks and tips for my readers who do not know Russian.

War Thunder is a multiplayer action game with realistic simulation gameplay, where you can control aviation, armored vehicles and fleet. Over the years, the game has acquired a lot of useful tools and legal cheats for War Thunder, simplifying gameplay for beginners and opening new opportunities for advanced players.

In this article we will consider the best legal cheats for War Thunder from the developers, which will allow you to enter the game faster and master the complex elements of controlling the technique. You will also learn about cheats that give additional advantages in battle even experienced players.

So, let's go - let's reveal the secrets of playing War Thunder with cheats!

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Cheats for War Thunder #1

Always maneuver and use cover

One of the main tips for newcomers to War Thunder is that you should always maneuver during combat, so as not to turn into an easy stationary target. This applies both to piloting airplanes and helicopters, as well as controlling ground vehicles.

New players often stay in one place, trying to fire from there. But it is better to constantly change positions, using the map terrain, bushes and shelters.

For aircraft, it is important to combine vertical and horizontal maneuver. For ground vehicles it is useful to move back and forth when firing. Cheat for War Thunder will help to aim during maneuvers.

Cheats for War Thunder #2

Attack from ambush with the advantage of surprise

Use the landscape and vegetation to stealthily attack the enemy. An effective tactic is to take a position behind a hill or in the bushes and attack the enemy on the elements of the sight from ambush.

Thanks to Cheat for War Thunder you can see the approach of the target in advance and know the exact distance. Combine c shot from cover with the surprise factor. This tactic will allow you to destroy enemies without taking damage.

Cheats for War Thunder #3

Make accurate shots at long distances

An effective combination of cheats - binoculars and target direction prediction function. Binoculars are used to determine the distance. And the prediction function gives you an aiming point on a moving target.

Thanks to this you can make accurate shots even on high-speed targets at long distances, taking into account the ballistics of projectiles. This combination of read for War Thunder will significantly increase the accuracy of your long-range shots!

Cheats for War Thunder #4

Hit moving targets with the help of ballistics point

To shoot at moving targets use in the cheat for War Thunder a special indicator - a point of ballistics. It takes into account the distance to the target, its speed and direction.

By aiming at the ballistic point, you are guaranteed to hit even a high-speed target. It is especially effective against long-range aircraft and maneuvering tanks. The ballistic point will significantly increase your effectiveness against moving targets!

Cheats for War Thunder #5

Shoot artillery with radarhack

A great cheat for War Thunder is radarhack. It allows you to accurately determine the range to the target and coordinates for aiming the gun.

Thanks to radarhack you can make high-precision shots at moving targets, taking into account the pointing correction. It is effective in both direct aiming and indirect fire. Be sure to try this cheat - and the accuracy of your artillery will increase significantly!

Cheats for War Thunder #6

Choose the right moment to attack with the help of situational indicators

Useful cheats provide additional information about the situation. For example, the target visibility indicator shows whether it is in the target area. And the indicator of the number of enemy planes will help you choose the moment to attack his aircraft.

Such indicators allow you to assess the situation correctly and choose the best moment to launch an attack, increasing its effectiveness. Use additional information from War Thunder cheats to make the right decisions!

Cheats for War Thunder #7

Cheat with auto aiming for shooting at aerial targets

Very effective cheat for War Thunder - automatic aiming at enemy targets. Activated by simply pressing the mouse button.

After activating auto aiming, just point the scope at the target - the system itself will perform the aiming for the shot, taking into account all the factors.

Especially useful for shooting at airplanes - even an inexperienced player can shoot down enemy aircraft. The system will track the maneuvering aircraft and adjust the aiming for a guaranteed hit.

Autotargeting with cheats will dramatically increase your effectiveness in combat with aerial targets!

Cheats for War Thunder #8

Drop bombs precisely on the target with the marker

A powerful aid for bomber pilots - chit for War Thunder with a bomb drop marker. Taking into account all altitude, speed, target and bomb data, it displays the drop point for a guaranteed hit.

Simply drop bombs when the target is under the marker and you will hit even small objects from high altitude with high accuracy. Bomb Drop Cheat - a powerful weapon for bombers!

Cheats for War Thunder #9

Simplify aiming with an "arcade" type tank sight

Sight for ground vehicles with a hit point marker works as in arcade mode - pointing it at the target, you see an indicator taking into account the movement of the target and ballistics.

For a guaranteed hit, just aim this marker at the right part of the enemy vehicle. No need to calculate corrections - just aim and fire!

This "arcade" sight greatly simplifies the tank battle in War Thunder. We recommend this cheat for War Thunder for quick learning and effective shooting from ground vehicles!