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самая сексуальная потому что сиськи на сцене показывает?
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точно, насколько надо озомбироваться, чтобы засвет изолентных сисек считать сексуальностью.
Автор, еби руку и не думай, повторить много раз и потом много думать, а потом смотреть на солистку Токио Хотел, она может быть сексульней.
а всего 13 лет назад она была такой
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Сама подросла, а сиськи нет.
ей даже не обязательно петь
The Pretty Reckless насколько я помню?
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Твое умение читать тэги поражает меня)
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да, именно
Нравится ее музыка
это какой концерт?
С каждой новой малолетней звездой, ощущаю себя всё более старым.:(
Ну почему на большинстве фото она похожа на обдолбанную наркошу?! :(
Очень красивая!
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The Pretty Reckless – Death By Rock And Roll

The Pretty Reckless – Death By Rock And Roll The Pretty Reckless, Альбом, Рок, Рок-н-Ролл, Длиннопост, Видео, Музыка, Премьера, Презентация, Тейлор Момсен, Обзор, Обзорщик, Пост-Гранж, Альтернатива
But on my tombstone when I go
Just put "Death by Rock'n'Roll"
Drowning madly in deep blue seas
Waves of sadness swallow me

They said the world does not belong to you
It don't belong to you
It belongs to me
At twenty-five
All hope has died,
And the glass of my intentions turns to sand
And shatters in my hand.
My mother and father, daughter and friends
Don't tell them, don't trust them, they won't understand
If you can't win the battle, it's better to run

Success showed somethin', at the same time nothin', I
Thought I got it, but it seems I've lost it, I

They lock the doors and pull down the shade
After the dark they are always afraid
But I go out at night, I won't apologize
There's a price I'll play

I remember long before the sun refused to shine
If I had only known that I was out of time
But now I see, it's over me
And my dreams are all for not, but lost at sea

Life is an ending starting in the womb
You build a home of brick and mortar, then it is your tomb
And I don't know real, I don't know right
I don't know if I should lay down a fight
But I know that somehow it'll be alright

I stole my daddy's vinyl and burned that needle out
Jimmy, Janis and Morrison, a garden full of sound
I sold my car for an old guitar and set out on the road
In rock and roll heaven, the great gig in the sky
Gotta make it to twenty seven before I die

On your Harlеy darlin', you took my love
You took him down the lonely road to thе stars above
Oh Harley darlin', you took my friend
You took everything and now, everything and now
You took everything and now I'm alone again

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