К фьордам

К фьордам Deepdreamgenerator, Нейронные сети, Арт, Арты нейросетей, Другой мир, Цифровой рисунок
  • Prompt: In the heart of the temperate rainforest, the Tlingit, known as the People of the Tides, thrive amidst sacred and wondrous lands. Their culture and society, deeply intertwined with the dense, towering forests, have flourished through a complex hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The landscape is marked by the relentless winter storms that lash the Pacific coast. Its steep, rocky shoreline, bearing only a few natural harbours for large canoes, tells tales of a community adept in navigating the challenging waters. Here, the Tlingit are not just fishermen but also hunters, gatherers, and traders, skilfully cultivating and harvesting the bountiful resources of both land and sea. Tall, dense forests. Rocky shoreline. Fierce winter storms. Rhythm of the tides.