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*нервно сглатывая и оглядываясь на Богиню*

My promised one please let me one time be untrue,

Before in front of God and man I marry you!

Who would be the man who’d turn from her to save his soul?

To be with her I’d let the devil take me whole!


I am a man who knows no law...

I go to open up your rose Raphtalia...

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Богиня уже с ней заигрывает)

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Но-но, не "заигрывает", а "даёт наставления"

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She dances naked in my soul

And sleep won't come

And it's no use to pray

These prayers to Notre dame

Tell, who'd be the first to raise his hand

And throw a stone

I'd hang him high

And laugh to see him die alone

Oh Lucifer please let me go beyond god's law

And run my fingers through her hair, Raphtalia...


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*And run my fingers through your tail, Raphtalia... =)

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