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Что странного в этой даме?
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не не так. Zaebali...
вот так вот
so probably u gotta talk to her about it? just explain her that it's no good to stalk anyone. or just be an ass to her, and she will leave you alone.
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I did. Hopefully she'll leave me alone now.
I've met 7 Russians so far in my city. They are all strange, shady and look at me like I'm an animal in a zoo or an alien when I speak to them; as if they're amazed. I'm not saying it's bad, just... Different.
Here's this crazy Russian girl who has been stalking me, coming to my door 3-5 times a day asking to come in and for me to take walks with her, leaving her coat on my front porch for some reason, calling me (friend gave her my phone number just to fuck with me) and walking back and forth in front of my house looking in my livingroom window every day for the last week. So today I walk outside and she was standing down the street at a bus stop (20 minutes early) I just try to ignore her and I hear her talking.. But there's nobody else there. She was just standing in the rain having a full conversation with herself. I turn around and go inside when she begins staring at me, then I go to my window to see what she's doing and she started walking towards my place, but she just stops and stands in one place every few steps. Then the crazy bitch stood in my driveway, dazed, still talking to herself for 5 minutes. My SD card was full so I only got 30 seconds.
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