But we are

I believe, even though it is not at all important, that whoever it may be who can think and express thoughts clearly or vaguely, thinks of him, her, or the surrounding ever-changing and yet multicolored black and white and sharply dull world, that people are the slaves of the earth like all other creatures. Men are no better than the grass or bacteria that eat all things on the surface, beneath, or above it.
And all this glorious pride that we think is exclusively men's privilege, which sets humans above all, belongs to everything, and every single microbe that leaves and dies. I would stop on the planet Earth, but you can go on and add the entire universe to this list, and you'll be absolutely right; nobody leaves this Earth. If the Bible is true, then there have only been two exceptions to this rule. So, I wouldn't dig deep into this because, first, I don't know if what is in the Bible is true or not. Second, probably no one knows what they had to do to achieve their freedom. And third, nowadays men don't have enough backbone. Finally, there could be more, but we'll stop here. We do not know what's outside, out there behind the black curtains of the cosmos. And there is a second part of this unknown. What happens to all who died and went back to Earth, or to those two who went somewhere else? We probably lost needed knowledge, or better yet, never had any. And all this religious nonsense is our own creation. So, the fear of the unknown adds more weight to uncertainty, and only with imagination, because of the enormous fear of death, people have willingly created an awesome life after death. The reality of the end is unthinkable to us. We are too proud to let that slide. How can we stand that we are equal to rocks or bugs? But, we are.

December 9th, 2023.