Asking help from Chinese nationals

Dear Chinese nationals.

I have seen your post about Chinese people helping Russian economy by buying our products.

First. Thank you all very very much. From the bottom of my heart, news like that help us a lot. It shows that we are not alone.

Second. Do you have anything like pikabu in china? I could not register in weibo, it gives me an error when entering phone number. In the future, if (very important if) China will be in the same position as my country right now, I would like to help the same way and tell you about it.

Third. I have seen some of your trolls posting in tiktok or somewhere some very disgusting things about accepting Ukrainian girls as refugees for slavery. Please, please, I implore you, tell them to stop. This is very bad for the image of China and puts Chinese people currently in Ukraine in danger.

I will put Google translation below now, but I'm not sure it will be the same or even close.

Thank you.

亲爱的中国公民。 我看过你关于中国人通过购买我们的产品来帮助俄罗斯经济的帖子。 第一的。非常非常非常感谢大家。从我的心底里,这样的消息对我们帮助很大。这表明我们并不孤单。 第二。你在中国有类似皮卡布的东西吗?我无法在微博注册,输入电话号码时出现错误。将来,如果(非常重要的)中国现在和我的国家处于同样的位置,我想以同样的方式帮助并告诉你。 第三。我看到你的一些巨魔在 tiktok 或某个地方发布了一些关于接受乌克兰女孩作为难民为奴的非常恶心的事情。拜托,拜托,我恳求你,告诉他们停下来。这对中国的形象非常不利,使目前在乌克兰的中国人处于危险之中。 我现在将谷歌翻译放在下面,但我不确定它是否会相同甚至接近。 谢谢你。

Asking help from Chinese nationals Китай, Дружба


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